Because in order to fix a problem and prevent future occurrences, we must understand the History of Mugshot Extortion.

Mugshot Definition:

Mugshots originated as a result of the 18th-century term "Mug", the English slang term for "face". It's plural form "Mugbook" is commonly utilized by police investigators because it reduces false identifiers.[1]

The Birth of Booking Photography

The photographing of individuals incarcerated in jail and prison began in the early 1840s. As a result of Alphonse Bertillon declaring it a standardized process, in 1888 it became regular procedure in France.

Mugshots in America started becoming commonplace because of Wanted posters. This implementation began because of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in early 1870.

Camera used for Booking Photos in Alcatraz

Actual Camera used on Alcatraz Island to take booking photos of inmates.

Digital Era Of Mugshots

With the birth of digital cameras and high-speed internet dawned a whole new era of corruption. The idea of parasitically leeching off the back of working society apparently was in the minds of the corrupt from the beginning.[2] shows early nonfunctioning website prototypes in "The Way Back When Machine" in early 1999.

Clearly, the technology not being utilized and implemented into every person's daily a life at that stage, this exposure of records didn't force individuals to buy into this extortion market.

2011 Becomes The Mugshot Epidemic!

Up until this 2011, attempts at turning booking photos into a criminal racketeer had not been successful. Unfortunately, search engines and Social media platforms were being embedded into everyday life for everyone.

As a result of computers being a part of everyone's daily life and the easy access to open source RSS aggregators such as Reedly[3], the extortionists had their slander on autopilot.

Google's Alleged Algorithm

According to an article written by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land[4], Google announced that on Thursday, May 3rd, 2013, a new algorithm was implemented in an effort to push back Mugshots to the back of search results.

Any actual modification to the algorithm or the search results being impacted cannot be confirmed by SEO experts. It is believed by some top SEO gurus that because it wouldn't benefit Google in the slightest, that no change occurred.

2014 Mugshot Publishers Begin flooding Social Platforms

Whether or not the algorithm occurred is open to speculation. However, the Mugshot Extortion racket responded to the announcement!

Shortly after it was thought there would be a reduction in their profit margins, the majority of these criminal racketeer members innovated a simple solution. They would begin spreading their booking photos across social media!

These individuals seem to go almost out of their way to ensure they give nothing back to society and this campaign was no different. instead of RSS aggregators, they were able to impliment automation onto the social platforms with API integrations. (Application Programming Interface) [5]

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