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This Wikia was created to educate Americans about the millions of citizens harmed by Mugshot Extortion. According to the organization[1], "Between 70 million and 100 million or as many as one in three Americans have some type of criminal record. Having even a minor criminal record, such as a misdemeanor or even an arrest without a conviction, can create an array of lifelong barriers that stand in the way of successful re-entry."

Unfortunately, because of this exploitive criminal niche market, one of these lifelong barriers is Mugshot Extortion. One of the

No studies have currently been conducted to determine precisely how much of a contributor to our recidivism rates an article at the Huffington Post states," Using a Bureau of Justice Statistic study finding inmates released from state prisons have a five-year, the USSC study calculated comparable federal prisoners released have a 44.7% re-arrest rate after five years."

Mugshot Extortion News

Providing you with the latest in Mugshot Extortion articles of interest. Whether it's the latest from the bringers of the fake news, or the from underground sources we will bring you the real!

Mugshot History

This section of our wiki covers the beginnings of Mugshot History, and how it has deviated from its initial intent. You will find much of the historical records on Mugshot publishing dating back to the early 1800s.

Mugshot Website Owners

Here you will find a list of Mugshot Website Owners and a compiled list of the domains they are alleged to own.

Mugshot Websites

Because chances are you're not going to know who these people are until their slander becomes an issue. So to ensure that you get the information and resources you need, we have both Sites and Owners!

Mugshot website activism

Considered to be among many the first to start any formality of activism artist and hacktivist Paolo Cirio

Legislation and Prohibition

Our initial attempts to maintain Wikipedia's outdated and inaccurate legislation information failed due to several exceptional circumstances.

Naturally, because the Mugshot Extortionists are attempting to maintain a hold on the market, they are unhindered by any form of moral ethics. So vandalizing Wikipedia is an instantaneous doable for them.

Upon Right2Remove's initial attempts to contribute to the article an account aliased 'Mugshots', the same used by Jason Watson on the PrisonTalk was apparently closely following The Mug Shot Publishing Industry

Wikipedia was missing a third (6 of the 18 total) of the total states with prohibition laws. In addition to being flagged for "Weasel Wording," we quickly realized that correcting these mistakes wouldn't be possible with the encountered opposition

Even our initial attempt to curate our community on the Wikia platform resulted in a week and a half long email exchange to reverse a bogus policy violation.

So our comprehensive and updated regularly prohibition state law list is currently on our US Support LLC Domain[2]. With a great many contributions from US Support LLC, and the talented author, Scott Philotoff [3] The book, "Ethical Hackers Guide to Reputation Management" should be announced in an upcoming press release.

The book is expected to be published and available under creative commons license to the general public before the new year.

Free Mugshot Removal Guide

On October 1st, 2018, Sean Gugerty released a 5 part comprehensive multi-series called the Free Mugshot Removal Guide[4]. This short documentary has a runtime of 28:09 and serves as a thorough introduction into all the different levels and parties involved in the criminal racketeer.


This United States map obtained US Support LLC shows the 18 states colored orange in which have prohibition laws. Because many of the earlier laws were written poorly, their effectiveness from state to state varies from completely shut the industry down to completely ineffective.

States with Prohibition Legislation
South Dakota
New Jersey
South Carolina